Owl Box and Bird Survey - November 2021

We have long wished for Owl boxes to be installed in Rye Meadows, and shortly Karl will be visiting again to erect this box. Karl is an owl expert and a British Trust for Ornithology registered bird ringer.  Karl will return at intervals over the following months to check whether the nest box has been occupied.  With luck it may be chosen as home by a pair of owls in the first year, although we might have to wait until the second or even third year.  Once it is occupied and eggs are laid, Karl will monitor the development of any young through to the time when they fledge and leave the nest for good.

His recent visit included a bird count, and this is what he observed: -
Blue tit c.20
Great tit  12
Robin 6
Jay 4
Collard dove 2
Starling 13
Magpie   4
Great spotted woodpecker 2
Green woodpecker  1
Tree creeper 1
Blackbird   c.30
Song thrush 4
Black-headed gull  5
Pheasant 1
Jackdaw 6
Redwing c.20
Dunnock 2
Ring-necked parakeet 6
Fieldfare 2
Wren 1
Carrion crow  12
Mistle thrush 1
Goldfinch 2
Wood pigeon 10
Chaffinch 4
Karl was impressed with the numbers and variety of species he observed. For obvious reasons we will not be advertising the location of the owl box.


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