Heritage Open Days - Rye Meadows Open from 10am to 4pm, 9th to 18th September

The Custodians of Ashtead Rye Meadows Wetlands

Mr & Mrs Burnett have looked after the fields of Rye Meadows  both before the land was so designated and afterwards when it also was included within Fields in Trust. They now want to pass this responsibility to a younger generation and the five below have offered to continue to be custodians of Rye Meadows Wetlands.

Who are the Custodians?

Mr & Mrs Burnett have chosen five people to be custodians of Ashtead Rye Meadows Wetlands.

Mrs Susie Shillingford

Mr David Burnett

Mr Eyeedul Haque

Mr Colin Loth

Mr Bob Shattock


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