Heritage Open Days - Rye Meadows Open from 10am to 4pm, 9th to 18th September

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Volunteers or mudlarks?

It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Volunteering on 9th April turned into an "experience"! Moving chippings to the hedge line as a mulch suddenly became more serious as the tractor and trailer became bogged down in a foot deep morass of mud. After trying for a short time to pull the trailer out with the tractor we abandoned the task for some 'brain  food' - coffee and custard creams!

Energy replenished, and with everyone helping, we disconnected the tractor and trailer and managed to get the tractor out by pushing chippings under the driving wheels.

Then, with much muscle (and grunting) we turned the trailer enough to attach a rope to the front and the other end to the tractor, and pull the trailer round. Then slowly we managed to extracate the trailer from the "Grimpen Mire".

Several very muddy people then went back to finish the other jobs scheduled for the day.

If anyone is enthused by this and wants to take part in more volunteering we can't promise more muddy larks, but we can promise fresh air, good company, some laughs and of course custard creams. Contact rmadmin@ryemeadows.org.uk for details.

Recovery nearly finished

Recovery nearly finished


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