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Wates Community Day

One Wednesday 6th July 2022, 21 employees from Wates office in Leatherhead came to Rye Meadows for a volunteer activity day.  The Wates Group is one of the leading construction, residential development, and property services businesses in the UK.  The day was organised by Daphne with tasks assigned by Richard Marinas of Chris Edge Tree Services.  Two Wates teams cleared weeds and grass from around the slow growing hedge plants in Fraudings Marsh and Lower Tomletts and then applied wood chip mulch to suppress further weed growth.  

These teams were guided by Jenny and Nigel.  Meanwhile Richard and two in his team carried out other tasks around the Meadows including removing encroaching small trees from near Centenary Field Pond, and cutting back vegetation along the stream in Centenary Field.  

Chris Edge and two in his team cut back overhanging trees and hedges and also removed a large broken oak branch in Trevona field.   Wates staff assisted with clearing cuttings from these jobs.  At lunchtime the Wates volunteers gathered at the Barn for a barbecue lunch prepared by Four Gables catering.  All tasks were completed by mid afternoon.  The Wates team enjoyed their day in the Meadows and helping us with essential tasks.

While this was happening there were other jobs in progress at the Barn which had been cleared and swept by our volunteers the day before.  Carpenter Michael erected a new partition wall dividing the barn and providing new hanging space for our power tools.  Our Colin and Chris cut, strimmed and tidied areas outside the Barn ready for the lunch.  David C and Monty dropped by to see work in progress - coincidentally this was at coffee time! Taking lessons from James, David?

Thank you to all who contributed to a very successful day.


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