New Permissive Jubilee

New Jubilee path for the summer.

Residents will be aware that we closed the path through Fraudings field between Footpath 24 and Footpath 596 following the seeding of the field with yellow rattle wildflowers. It has been agreed though that for the summer (June until the end of August) we will open a temporary permissive path north of the Rye Brook between the two footpaths. The route is marked in red on the map above. The new path is subject to conditions and if these are abused the path will be closed.

  1. Keep to the mown path.
  2. Keep dogs under strict control.
  3. Remove dog poo and bags and put them in the bins in Preston Grove exit, or Bushey Shaw exit. (These items coupled with litter can injure or kill a horse if ingested with hay when collected)
  4. Shut the two pedestrian gates and the middle 'farm' gate after use.

The new path will be opened on Tuesday 7th June and closed on Wednesday 31st August.

Please DO NOT climb the gates into Fraudings field from FP596 or from Jack Adams field (FP24)


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