Ford car key found on Rye Meadows walk. Email us for details.

Rye Meadows News


Volunteering today

Blackthorn - vicious spikes but beautiful blossom

A spectacular show of blackthorn blossom in Jack Adams field today (off Preston Grove). It's a lovely hedging plant - if you ignore the spikes that can penetrate through the rubber sole of your walking boots and even through leather gloves.

Today was a day of clearing up from the storms of February and March. Because the fields are used for haymaking we needed to ensure all the debris from trees was removed from the ground before the grass started to grow and hide it all. Debris had also fallen into the stream and an intrepid team of three cleared a huge obstruction. All this will need to be removed on the next volunteering session.

Rather than continually burn the debris we remove, we are starting to make log piles. Bonfires release carbon but a log pile stores it, and whilst nature takes its course over time, the pile becomes a habitat for hedgehogs and insect life.


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