Ford car key found on Rye Meadows walk. Email us for details.

Rye Meadows News


Victoria Plumb it wasn't !

A mixed bag of volunteering duties.

Today (1st February) in stunning sunshine, the hardy group of volunteers tackled a mixture of tasks on Rye Meadows. Four of them extricated a huge log from the stream that had been blocking the flow. Four tough guys managed to lift the tree trunk out onto the bank and roll it into the field where it was loaded onto the trailer and taken to a verge well away from the stream, and anyone intent on rolling it back in again.

These four, plus another, then extricated an old bath tub, once used for horse drinking water, from a thicket near the stream in Centenary Field. This heavy steel bath eye-sore was then taken away for disposal another day.

Apologies to householders downwind of us today as we had to burn a large amount of woody debris. We tried to minimise the smoke nuisance and hope no-one was inconvenienced.


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