More bridge repairs

Another Volunteers' Day where we accomplished a lot of work. The main job was moving a new delivery of railway sleepers to where two bridges are going to be repaired. A team then took apart the bridge from Jack Adams to Gullett South and rebuilt it using the new 'old' sleepers. The old bridge was very rotten and dangerous and had to be replaced. The remaining new and usable sleepers will be used to replace the bridge between Gullett South and Gullett North which presently has rotten sleepers. This is also a tractor bridge so needs to be robust.

As well as that task another team planted some blackthorn saplings donated by volunteer Lizzie who had some left over from her new garden hedge. We also removed more of the tubes and stakes from the Jubilee Wood in Seamers Lower and two volunteers completed the tacking down of chicken wire to the Centenary Field pedestrian bridge to make it non-slip.

Despite the very cold weather and early arrival of freezing rain the 19 volunteers who came along to help achieved a great deal. Good to see the return of Adam for his company's day release together with his Father-in-Law, Richard who we hope will volunteer again for us in the future now he's a man of leisure.


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