Ford car key found on Rye Meadows walk. Email us for details.

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Rye Meadows bridges reinstated after marathon effort by volunteers

The power of water and commitment of the volunteers

The storm we all experienced on Wednesday 20th October deposited one and half inches of rain in three hours and wreaked damage on bridges in Rye Meadows. In Centenary Field the pedestrian bridge had been moved off its base and the handrails broken, and the wider bridge used by tractors to enter the field has been lifted apart and large oak sleepers tossed about like matchsticks. See "Before" picture.

In Fraudings field opposite, the bridge had been completely lifted and moved making entry into the field impossible.

Volunteers met today (28th October) and as the above "After" picture shows managed to reinstate this bridge, plus the one opposite into Fraudings. A mammoth effort by everyone to rebuild these bridges. All that's left now is to add back the chicken wire surface to make it non-slip and to rebuild a guard rail to one side. We will do this next volunteering day.


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