Closing off the unofficial route from Kestrel Field

Volunteering today centred on closing the way through the hedge and culvert from Kestrel Field into Centenary Field. We don't wish to be "party poopers" but there is no Right of Way between the fields, and we believe no public way through the field owned by Merton College Oxford. The "bridge" installed which was partially blocking the culvert, and the rope installed to help people climb out of the deep culvert have been removed and a high dead hedge erected. The next job will be to erect something similar alongside the stream to dissuade trespassers.

Visitors are still very welcome to explore Centenary Field and view the ponds and the 'Silent Soldier' but there is no way through into or from Kestrel Field. Please do NOT break down the hedge or remove any barriers. Signs have been erected to inform people.

Why the picture above? This was Colin who whilst stepping across the wet muddy culvert left a wellington boot behind forcing him to put his foot into the water before he could retrieve the 'wellie'! Thank you Colin for causing much merriment amongst the other volunteers!


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