Brush clearance on Footpath 596

Corporate Community Day

We had a visit from Byte Software a Leatherhead based office of this plc. They asked to do a Corporate Community Day with us and we chose clearance of the brush in the copse at the end of Footpath 596 by Fairholme Crescent. There were four volunteers from Rye Meadows Wetlands and although we were promised a group from the company in fact only one person arrived. Others we were told had been Covid test and trace 'pinged' and were in isolation. Nick from Byte Software didn't quite do the work of four, but he did work hard and his help was invaluable. The photos above show the "Before" and "After" pictures.

The five of us managed to clear a lot of brush and take it to the bonfire site for later burning. There is still some to clear and the volunteers will attack that next Volunteers Day.


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