Footpath 24 now resurfaced and already littered

In 2020 during Lockdown many more people discovered Rye Meadows and the footpaths that eventually lead onto Ashtead Common. Whilst we are pleased so many people have found where Rye Meadows are, the increased footfall has inevitably damaged the footpath surfaces and in the winter of 2020 they became quite muddy in places.

Thanks to a Grant from Mole Valley Council's Infrastructure Levy pot, we have been able to buy a substantial amount of hardcore to resurface the paths. Footpath 596 was finished on Thursday 26th August by a large group of Rye Meadows volunteers and yesterday (8th September) we completed the large part of Footpath 24 tghat needed resurfacing. The heavy equipment has been generously loaned to us by Sunbelt Rentals (A Plant as was). 

As the above picture shows a bag of dog pooh has already been left on the path, not 75 feet from the dog refuse bin by Preston Grove. Unbelievable!!


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