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Geoffrey Ball profile

Geoff Ball is the Volunteer Leader for the Friends of Ashtead Rye Meadows Wetlands. He organises the volunteers in the work schedules on the Rye Meadows.

Geoff has recently undertaken the Riversearch Training and is now responsible for assessing water quality on a part of the Rye Brook.

Geoff and his family moved to Ashtead Woods Road 17 years ago.

Geoff Ball was nominated by the Rye Meadows team for his work on the Rye Meadows. The citation read as follows:-

"Geoff Ball has worked tirelessly for the Friends of Ashtead Rye Meadows Wetlands and has made an outstanding contribution to this project. Rye Meadows is not a short term project but will extend over many years until it becomes established. Geoff is very much a "do-er" and does not make a great fuss or seek recognition for his hard work. His unfailing good humour rubs off on his fellow workers. As well as rolling up his sleeves and getting on with the work, Geoff has organised other volunteers into working parties to clear vegetation from culverts, remove blackthorn from the Rye Brook banks and clear the invasive Himalayan Balsam from the brook. Geoff leads by example. The results of his hard work in clearing debris from the Rye Brook were seen during last winter's heavy rains when no flooding was reported in the adjacent fields."

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