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With immediate effect, the field between Footpath 596 (from Bushey Shaw) and Preston Grove (Footpath 24) is now open to the public. Visitors can explore Centenary Field and then continue their walk though the field opposite which is called Fraudings, or if walking from the other direction, enter the meadows from Preston Grove into Jack Adams field and turn left and go through into Fraudings and exit onto Footpath 596. From there they can walk up the footpath to Ashtead Woods Road, or go on to explore Centenary Field.  Please stick to the mown path areas and it is recommended you wear long trousers and shoes, not sandals or flip-flops. There are ticks in the long grass and these can cause a nasty infection (Lymes Disease). If walking your dog, please ensure you "Pick-Up-The-Poo" and deposit the bag in the dog bin by the gate at Preston Grove, or the Litter Bin in Bushey Shaw. Bags left on the ground might be swept up into the hay when cut which is used for horse feed. The plastic can choke a horse or cause severe internal problems.

Use the wooden walkway (constructed thanks to a grant from Thames Water) to get to the seating by the ponds. Perhaps you might see more deer to the one recently seen and photographed by Peter Williams. It didn't seem to think much of Peter as it stuck his tongue out at him!

Deer in Centenary June 2020 tongue